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Nursing/Care Homes

Pharmadose Pharmacy provides the Biodose monitored dosage system for Nursing / Care homes.
The Biodose system administer solid oral tablets and capsules, together with liquid medications. Until now, Monitored Dosage Systems have only been capable of handling basic administration of solid oral medicines.

Biodose, the world's first Total Medication Management System (ToMM), allows for the first time ever, the ability to dispense and monitor liquid and solid oral medications together.


Benefits of Biodose in Care Homes

  • The world's first Total Medication Management System (ToMM)
  • The only system capable of dealing with solid oral and liquid medicines
  • Individually sealed and individually removable tamper-evident pods
  • 28-pod trays with drug & patient information printed on every pod
  • Aids patient compliance and provides maximum accountability
  • Built in Biomaster protection helps to prevent MRSA

Biodose is also capable of providing Patient Information Sheets and MARS charts, giving you the ability to make the process administration of administration much easier.